How to Become an Entrepreneur” is Now Available Online as the First Higher Education Course Designed with CurrikiStudio

The Deju Institute of Entrepreneurial Leadership’s course, “How to Become a Successful Entrepreneur,” has been recreated into an interactive online learning class with CurrikiStudio, the world’s first free and open technology for creating interactive learning experiences.

CUPERTINO, Calif., March 1, 2021—Curriki, the nonprofit that makes interactive learning experiences available to everyone, today announced the launch of the Deju Institute of Entrepreneurial Leadership’s course, How to Become a Successful Entrepreneur, as a free, online interactive program geared to help entrepreneurs grow and expand their businesses. Dr. Raul Deju has taught this course to entrepreneurs over the past decade leading to the creation of hundreds of successful companies, several with revenue in the hundreds of millions of dollars annually. Today, through CurrikiStudio, the course has been transformed into an interactive 20-hour plus online experience offered free to university entrepreneurship programs and individual entrepreneurs. Interested organizations can submit a request to speak with Curriki about bringing the course to their campuses or entrepreneurship programs in business accelerators by clicking on this link.

This free entrepreneurship course, by acclaimed business creator and leader Dr. Raul Deju, provides students with the framework to turn an idea into a successful product or to scale an existing business to the next level. Eight modules cover critical areas of entrepreneurship, spanning from the anatomy of a business plan to developing product and service excellence. The program also covers the importance of being a “principled entrepreneur” and provides practical tools for entrepreneurial fundraising. The video lectures in each module have been made interactive by CurrikiStudio with key questions interspersed throughout the lectures. Each module also includes open-ended reflection questions, opportunities to test run elevator pitches via audio recording, and a module quiz. Supplementary material from well-known entrepreneurs and business leaders including success stories like Jeff Bezos, Bill Marriott and Elon Musk are linked to the lectures to provide a broad range of viewpoints.

“I am thrilled with the way Curriki has activated the entrepreneurship course and with the commitment of the Curriki team to open-source education. I am confident that the new online course will enrich higher education entrepreneurship programs and inspire entrepreneurs to build enterprises that will make the world a better place and financially reward them and their teams,” commented Dr. Raul Deju, Partner at Brightstar Capital Partners and founder of the Deju Institute of Entrepreneurial Leadership.

“As a former student of Dr. Deju’s, I can attest to the high value this course brings to entrepreneurs, and the timing for the release of the course couldn’t be more important,” said Phyllis Newhouse an Atlanta, GA entrepreneur, retired military senior noncommissioned officer and Founder and CEO of Xtreme Solutions, Inc. “I am very impressed with how the course has been reinvented for online learning to help many would-be entrepreneurs including those leaving the military service.”

“The Institute of Entrepreneurial Leadership led by Dr. Raul Deju and now being put into an online form in Curriki gives students the cornerstones for building successful businesses. From idea to go-to-market, and everything in between and after, Dr. Deju equips entrepreneurs with the tooling required for building a business,” said John Sanchez, a San Francisco, CA-based Entrepreneur. “I have started and successfully exited two enterprise businesses and built a new division of a company that paved the way for the company’s current successful acquisition program. In each business, I successfully implemented the ideas and skills I learned from Dr. Deju.”

“We are absolutely thrilled to launch How to Become a Successful Entrepreneur, the very first higher education course created with the CurrikiStudio content authoring platform,” commented Abby Ross, Curriki CEO. “The pandemic has challenged higher education institutions to dive into online learning and now they are scrambling to catch up, which could be extremely expensive and require technical expertise. But as we have proven with this new course, CurrikiStudio tears down those barriers. CurrikiStudio is a free technology and requires no coding experience at all. We invite colleges to use the platform to design and publish online courses with CurrikiStudio.”

CurrikiStudio, the platform that transformed How to Become a Successful Entrepreneur into an interactive learning experience, is free for colleges, schools, nonprofits, and businesses to create, manage, and deliver learning content. The platform provides over fifty unique activity types, such as interactive video, 360-degree tours, drag and drop, and immersive reader, that can be used to create complete courses. Courses created with CurrikiStudio can be published to Learning Management Systems and are accessible on any device. To learn more about how your university or organization can use CurrikiStudio to build your online learning program click here.

About Dr. Raul Deju

Dr. Raul Deju is a Partner at Brightstar Capital Partners a New York-based private equity firm. He is also a Member of the Company’s Investment Committee. He currently serves as Board Chair of Amerit Fleet Solutions, Vice-Chair of Texas Water Supply Company, and Board Member of QualTek, all Brightstar portfolio companies. Dr. Deju is a native of Cuba who migrated to the United States in his early teens. Dr. Deju is the author of seven books, the most recent titled “We Got Mojo”. He serves as the founding director, instructor, and financial supporter of the Institute of Entrepreneurial Leadership where he has taught entrepreneurship to many students leading to the current online course on Entrepreneurship. For more on Dr. Deju click on: https://www.curriki.org/deju-about/

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